The Best SAD Light Reviews - Consumer Reports & Ratings

SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder is a condition that affects millions each year during the winter season, or when there are periods of limited sunlight. This condition is also referred to by many doctors as depression because the symptoms are similar in nature and usually last for long periods of time. There are several to choose from, but the best way to pick one out is by reading consumer reports and reviews about sad lights (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

The Nature Bright Per3 Deluxe Light Therapy lamp has received great reviews from users around the globe, and was a best-seller for Nature Bright. It has an elegant look to it, and is compact enough that it can be taken from room to room. This lamp is lightweight, and not only helps with the SAD, but it works as a great reading lamp, reducing eyestrain with its supply of natural light, all for $100 or more.

The Lumie Desk Lamp was also highly rated by consumer reviews. This lamp was rated as working for those who wish to take their lights to work, because of the compact size the Lumie Lamp tends to work well for that reason. Although this lamp is a desk lamp, the bulb is designed just like those used to treat SAD, providing natural light for small spaces, and runs around $100 or less.

The Nature Bright Sun Touch SAD lamp has been highly rated by users around the world as one of the best SAD lamps made today. This lamp is more compact than most other SAD lamps and is easy to move from room to room. This lamp is easy to use when checking morning emails, or doing other small tasks at your desk or countertop. This is another reason why buying a portable SAD light is practical.

Another noteworthy lamp, was the Nature Bright Sun Touch SAD lamp. Many who tried this bright light were no longer sad and lethargic, but were able to go for walks, and function on a normal scale everyday within two days of using this lamp. Naturally, the lamp is also rated high because it is easy to move around and use, and can be found for around $100 or a little less.

The Philips GoLite Blu is another well-loved SAD lamp. This powerful lamp not only helps with SAD, but can also help those suffering from jet lag, and general fatigue. Those who are working on odd shift, or working third shift could use this to help them adjust during the tough period of sleep schedule changes and other challenges. The theory behind this lamp is different, which is why it has a blue light.

The theory behind the blue light is that bright blue light can trick the body into producing different types of hormones that can aid in alleviated depression and anxiety. Serotonin is just one such chemical, but the theory states that there is more to it than this, enabling people who use it to become more energetic, and the light is really bright. Reading SAD lamp reviews can help you choose the right lamp for you.

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